The journey of self-discovery is fraught with the challenge of facing our weaknesses and strengths. 

I have worked in ‘Not for profit’ organisations and small business for over thirty years. This involvement has included youth work, developing and facilitating men’s groups, coordinating Work for the Dole programmes, and pastoral care.

I am a father, grandfather and husband who celebrates the uniqueness of my ever increasing family. As I watch them grow and develop I am amazed at the diversity and creative that is latent in each person.

I am passionate about seeing others live their lives in a healthy and fulfilling manner fully understands the struggles of an ever changing world. I am motivated by the ability of others as I assist them to reveal their unique selves and overcome the challenges they face.

Member of Australian Counselling Association (15332)

Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (counselling)

Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (Pastoral)

Better You Counselling

What we do

We invite the individual to enter a brave space where they can confidentially learn how to process their challenges and emotional issues. Providing a space where client is able to clarify and explore options and increase self-awareness.This enables the individual to developing strategies to resolve problems as they are working towards change.


Better You Counselling, Individual and Couples Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Grief and Loss, Life Change, Anxiety, Stress and Depression, Addictions. Telehealth

(Face to Face and Telehealth Counselling).

Professional Supervision (Pastoral) (Clinical) Providing Supervision for:· Counsellors, Chaplains, Church Ministers, Pastoral Care Workers, Community Workers, Students.

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